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2011 NFL Winning Stats Predictor: Game Picks Week Three

Week 3 in the NFL is upon us, so it's time to pick all 16 games, with the help of the Winning Stats Predictor! Last week it was a sub-par 7-8-1, with the tie coming when that WR from Dallas got tackled at the 2 yard line and they kicked the FG to win in OT. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't yelling at the TV for him to score. Overall for the season it's now 15-15-2.

The other game which saw me have violent mood swings was the Packers-Panthers game. The Packers stuffed Cam Newton twice on third and fourth down, up by 7 with about 3 minutes to go. The spread was 10. I'm sitting there just hoping that somehow the Packers can get a big play, whether a long run or a big pass play. Two plays in, it's a play action, Jordy Nelson gets lose, and he scores from 85 yards away. I'm going nuts, as I'm now covering with just over 2 minutes to go.

Then, somehow Steve Smith gets behind the Packers secondary for a 60+ yard pass, and they end up scoring a garbage TD with 40 seconds left. Ugh. Bliss to devastation in under 5 minutes. Want to make a seemingly boring game more exciting? Just throw some money down, and games become instantly more exciting. Hopefully this week I won't be sweating games like I was this past Sunday.

Picks for Week 3:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Panthers 12 Jaguars 29 99.6%
Titans 22 Broncos 15 90.1%
Saints 36 Texans 32 86.7%
Vikings 20 Lions 21 50.9%
Eagles 16 Giants 18 66.2%
Bills 20 Patriots 38 100.0%
Browns 18 Dolphins 25 89.0%
Bengals 30 49ers 15 99.3%
Raiders 12 Jets 19 91.9%
Rams 8 Ravens 25 99.9%
Chargers 34 Chiefs 15 99.9%
Buccaneers 29 Falcons 33 80.7%
Bears 13 Packers 24 97.7%
Seahawks 19 Cardinals 16 70.8%
Colts 21 Steelers 26 85.4%
Cowboys 27 Redskins 20 90.4%