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Week 2 Stampede Blue Fantasy/Picks Update

Anybody who says they expected 3 WRs to be the top overall performers this week is a fibber! (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Anybody who says they expected 3 WRs to be the top overall performers this week is a fibber! (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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Sorry this is a little late guys, but here are your results from last fantasy week.  Pick contests first.

This week in the Straight Up contest we had three people get 15 games correct.  Congrats to Manning4Prez, KeyWest ColtsFan and RedneckCrackaz.  All three had Baltimore beating Tennessee as the only game they missed.  Speaking of the Baltimore game, for the first time this year everyone got a game wrong.  There was not one person that thought the Titans would beat the Ravens.  The fine performance this week has vaulted RedneckCrackaz to the top of the overall leaderboard.  Check out the full standings and submit for this week HERE.

In the Against the Spread Contest this week we had 2 more pushes taking the season total to 4 games off the total possible.  The weekly best was emiller17 (thank you, thank you!) with 10 correct picks.  We did have 7 entries with 9 games correct as well.  Pretty good week!   The toughest game to get correct was Carolina covering against Green Bay.  Only 3 people selected that game correctly.  Overall, emiller17 and Lord Help our Colts lead the overall by 1 game with 18 correct selections.  Check HERE for overall standings and next weeks selections.

Fantasy Update after the jump...

You can check out ant one of the fantasy leagues by visiting where X is a number between 1 and 13.  Top performance this week went to PLAYOFFS?!?! in League 11 with a total of 214.85 points with some great WR performances.  That team 42 points from Jeremy Maclin, 39 from Vincent Jackson and 27 from Tony Gonzalez.  They also had 2 starters score less than 10 points, so the point total could have been bigger.  The league leading performance from this week put PLAYOFFS?!?! on top of the overall point total as well with 360.55 total points through the first two weeks.

League 9 had a very close week for all games.  The biggest blowout was 36.65 points, but there were also games decided by 10, 9.55, 3.4 and two 1.5 games.  That's an average margin of defeat of 10.43 points per game.  Close all around.  Those weren't even the closest games of the week.

We had one game come down to 0.8 points.  In League 13, Blue Bloods beat Speed of sound tour 158.95 to 158.15.  Going into Monday night, Speed of sound tour was ahead 158.15 to 136.9.  Blue Bloods had Sam Bradford left to play.  As Sam Bradford was unable to lead his team back from behind, he scored just enough to put the Blue Bloods ahead.  The worst part is that if Speed of sound tour would have played anyone of 7 other teams they would have won.  They scored 3rd most points in their league this week.

Jeremy Maclin was this weeks high scorer this week and led three other WRs that scored (almost) 40 points on the week (Vincent Jackson and Miles Austin).  The Statistical Anomaly update for the week shows mgrex going 6-7 this week for an overall total of 16-10 after 2 weeks.

Congrats to all winners and good luck to everyone this week.