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Luke Links: Recapping 23-20 Loss To The Steelers


Tough loss last night. But, unlike the previous two games, there were things to build from this defeat. This sentiment seems to be shared by most Colts fans who watched the game.

Coltsider- Colts Lose A Tough One To Steelers 23-20

Coltzilla- After Review: Steelers 23 at Colts 20

18to88- All the Colts Really Need is a Quarterback

The 'established' media also seemed to come away from he game with the same feeling:

ESPN- Wrap-Up Steelers 23 Colts 20

Indy Star Blog- Tough one to lose late

However, though he played terrible much of the game, Colts corner Jerraud Powers summed up the overall state of this team pretty well following the loss:

"The standard and foundation here is winning. It’s not about just getting better every week."

I like this mindset.

This is just my feeling here: The day the Colts and their fans start getting excited about 'moral victories' is the day the franchise stops being elite. The expectation should always be to win. If people don't share that expectation at West 56th Street, they shouldn't be part of the franchise anymore.