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Archie Manning Says Peyton Was Never Healthy This Offseason

Local Indy radio personality Dan Dakich had Archie Manning on his show today and asked the legendary Saints quarterback about the health of his son, Peyton Manning. Specific to that, he asked Archie if there was ever a point where he would recommend to Peyton to 'shut it down' and, potentially, end his football career.

Archie responded:

No. I would never say that. Peyton, he's a big boy. He's close with the Colts. He works close with Jim Irsay, Bill Polian, Jim Caldwell, the whole organization. They'll figure this thing out. They know he's got a great team of doctors he's been working with for over a year now that he kind of consults with. So, we'll just kind of see how his progress is and they'll figure this thing out.

Dakich also asked about reports that, prior to the 'set back' that led to Peyton needing a third neck surgery, the Colts were going to clear him to play. Archie said that Peyton was never fully healthy during the off-season. Even during the informal workouts, Archie said Peyton felt he wasn't making all the throws he needed to make.

He got there and practiced some, but it never was like I think a day where he said, I got some real zip on the ball and I can make all the throws that allow me to play now. That just never happened to him.

Archie also squashed any suggestion that Peyton's neck issues were related to the issue's Cooper Manning dealt with in terms of his spine.

Cooper's was something he was born with. Peyton's was a result of being hit, knocked around a little bit. Something that just evolved.