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Pat McAfee Is Great On The Radio, Talks Colts Quarterbacks

For those of you not in Indianapolis, the sports talk radio in the area is quite good. We have a very good relationship with both afternoon drive programs, including JMV on 1070 The Fan, and Jake Query and Derek Schultz on WNDE 1260. Query and Schultz host the "Blue Review" each Tuesday from 5 to 7 (listen here NOW), where they have one of the Colts players on live, talking mostly about random things, but obviously about the goings on from West 56th Street.

For the second week in a row, Colts media darling Pat McAfee is their guest today (and will have Pat Angerer and Curtis Painter on the phone as well), and he was talking about the QB situation earlier. He wouldn't come out and say it, but he certainly made it seem like Painter was going to get the majority of the snaps in practice this week, and get the start on Monday night. He said:

I'm excited to see what Curtis can do with a full week of practice, which he's never had before. I'm excited to see him out there.

Now, the signing of Dan Orlovsky makes it seem like Kerry Collins won't be ready to go on Monday, so it makes sense that Painter would get the start if Collins can't go due to injury. McAfee also mentioned he spoke with Orlovsky earlier today. He said it wasn't so much a workout, it was a "come in and get signed" type thing. We all know the Colts like players that have experience in the system, so it's no surprise they'd sign Orlovsky over anyone else.

He's also talked about the Canal incident and his non-speaking role on "Kendra". He really wished his voice had been on there, rather than just him in a speedo.