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Report: Peyton Manning Will Not Play Week One Against Houston Texans [UPDATE] Peyton Out Possibly 5 Weeks, Has Sore Back

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Lots of chatter on Twitter tonight. Here is the first confirm of what is turning into major news, from WTHR TV in Indianapolis:

Eyewitness News has learned Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will likely miss the start of the season.

Several sources tell 13 Sports that Manning will not play in the season opener in Houston next Sunday. Sports Director Dave Calabro was told that the MVP quarterback is being re-evaluated by several doctors because of slow progress from neck surgery.

They chatter began tonight when our friend John Michael Vincent at 1070 The Fan radio in Indianapolis tweeted this:

Been told by multi sources that QB P Manning needs a 2nd neck procedure. Will remain out indefinitely.Called #colts and waiting on response.

The news spread widely over Twitter. To my knowledge, JMV has not been contacted back by the Colts. A few hours after JMV broke this news, Peter King and Chris Mortensen got quotes and news from the Colts and Bill Polian, essentially saying Manning was being evaluated by several doctors and that no new procedure has yet been scheduled.

Then, Mortensen tweeted this:

As when Colts signed Kerry Collins for $4 million, team did not believe PM would be ready for opener. Barring miracle, that's more evident

This tweet elicited this response from Ian Rappaport at the Boston Herald:


Rap then asked me:

@StampedeBlue I mean, that's the first we've heard that, right?

Now, everyone and their mother is scrambling to get more information on this story.

We'll update things with new info as we get them. But, as of right now, it looks like No. 18 is out for Week One.

Updates after the jump...

[UPDATE]: From CBS Sports' Mike Freeman:

The NFL was set on fire when an Indianapolis radio station reported quarterback Peyton Manning will need an additional surgery on his neck. Well, that isn't true. Yet.

Emphasis on yet. ESPN reported Manning is seeing additional specialists due to the slow healing of his neck. That is accurate.

After speaking to a source on the Colts the team didn't believe Manning would get another surgery. There was, however, a serious concern that Manning was not only going to miss season the opener but the potential was for Manning to miss four or five games. Or more.

[UPDATE 2]:Jason LaConfora of NFL Network:

The odds of Manning making full recovery in a week seem bleak, even though he's been an Iron Man since entering the NFL.

[UPDATE 3]: More from Peter King:

Peyton "When It Rains It Pours'' Manning has a sore back too. More in MMQB.

So much for a good, restful sleep.