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Colts Sign Six Players To Their 2011 Practice Squad, Claim Chris Gronkowski Off Waivers

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Lost in all the OMG PEYTON COULD BE OUT FOR THE SEASON! chatter last night was the news that the Colts have signed six players to their practice squad. These players include DT Ricardo Mathews, DT Ollie Ogbu, OT Mike Tepper, WR Marshall Williams, and WR David Gilreath.

We also know that, based on a tweet from his sister from Dolphins WR Brian Hartline that his brother, former-Kentucky QB Mike Hartline, was signed to the P.S. as well.

: So proud of my brother to be signing with the Colts on their practice squad. So damn proud! ”YAY! makes me happy!

The Colts can have eight players signed to their practice squad.

The other roster-related news not involving Peyton Manning is the Colts have claimed former-Cowboys fullback Chris Gronkowski off waivers. Chris is the brother of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. You might also remember Chris as the guy who blew a block on a blitz by the New York Giants last year, resulting in the blitzer Michael Boley sacking quarterback Tony Romo and breaking his collarbone.

While some have Gronkowski listed as a runningback, in reality he's a tight end or H-Back. He's not a rusher. He is, however, a pretty good lead blocker in short yardage. This move is interesting because Brody Eldridge was supposed to fill this role.

To make room for C Gronk, the Colts placed Chad Spann on injured reserve. His season is now over.