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Colts Plan To Update Status On Peyton Manning And Jim Tressel At Noon Today [UPDATE] Colts Suspend Tressel

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[UPDATE]: Mike Freeman of CBS reports the Colts have suspended Tressel until Week Seven of NFL season.


From the Indianapolis Star:

The Indianapolis Colts will address the status of quarterback Peyton Manning by noon today, according to a team spokesman.

The update will hopefully answer the lingering questions hanging out there on the status of Peyton Manning for the 2011 season. Peter King used his Monday Morning QB article today to provide more details on Manning's health:

Peyton Manning's back grew increasingly sore over the weekend, and even if that wasn't becoming a problem, he still hasn't made the kind of progress after summer neck surgery that makes him likely to play in Houston in six days. A radio report in Indianapolis said Manning was going to have another surgery to address his neck problem. President Bill Polian told me Sunday night: "I don't know anything about that. I honestly don't.''

My gut feeling is Manning misses the first start of his 14-year NFL career Sunday, and Kerry Collins starts.

We are also expecting Bill Polian to address the media on the hiring of former-Ohio State head coach as a 'gameday consultant' for the Colts. If you read Mike Freeman this morning, you saw the CBS Sports reporter write that Roger Goodell should suspend Tressel for the same reasons he suspended Terrelle Pryor, OSU's former QB.

Also, from Darren Rovell: has suspended future odds on Colts until doctors reveal their evaluation on Peyton’s neck

Basically, it looks like Peyton is out for Week One. What we are hoping for from Polian today is an answer as to Peyton's status for 2011. If he has a third surgery, which is what several people are reporting, his 2011 season is likely over before it begins.