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Brian Hartline Tweets That His Brother, Mike Hartline, Was Signed To Colts Practice Squad

The Colts signed QB Mike Hartline as an undrafted free agent shortly before training camp. He was then waived on August 28th, the day teams had to cutdown from 90 players to 80 players.

Two days, amid all the panic and craziness surrounding other roster moves, the hiring of Jim Tressel, and the health of Peyton Manning, this little tweet from Dolphins WR Brian Hartline, brother of Mike, got missed:

So proud of my brother to be signing with the Colts on their practice squad. So damn proud!

As far as I can tell, Hartline has not been listed in any 'official' practice squad announcements for the Colts.

Signing Hartline to the P.S. makes sense, especially considering that he cannot be much worse than Curtis Painter, who was retained on the 53-man roster, along with veteran QB Kerry Collins. With Peyton Manning all but ruled OUT for Sunday's opener against the Texans, it's wise to keep as many QBs on the roster as possible. I just don't know why the Colts haven't announced the Hartline signing yet.

Maybe they are dealing with other things.

With Hartline, the practice squad stands at:

QB Mike Hartline

DT Ricardo Mathews

DT Ollie Ogbu

OT Mike Tepper

WR Marshall Williams

WR David Gilreath