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Report: Austin Collie And Anthony Gonzalez Likely Out For Week One As Well [UPDATE]

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Good morning! Ready for more bad news on the injury front? From Will Carrol at

Hearing Gonzalez and Collie out for Week 1. Not expected to practice this week. #colts

Don't ask me why Anthony Gonzalez was kept on the 53-man roster. He hasn't practiced in three weeks, and if history is our guide, once he comes back he will immediately get hurt again. After this week, it will have been a month since Gonzo has practiced.

Collie's injury is a foot and not related to concussions.

In other roster-related news, the Colts have apparently reached an injury settlement with Chad Spann. The team has released him, and he is a free agent.

Oh, and just in case you were spending your Labor Day weekend under a rock, Peyton Manning isn't going to play this Sunday. In fact, his whole 2011 season is in jeopardy.

Yep. Been a fun, fun, fun couple of days, that's for sure.

[UPDATE] Will sent out this little update a few minutes ago:

Clarify: Meant Gonzalez will not practice. My error conflating Collie in there, tho he's very iffy to play.

Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Star's resident water-carrier for the Colts, Phil Richards (not to be confused with the always excellent Phil Wilson) wrote that Gonzo expects to play against Houston.

Again, history tells us both these guys will be in street clothes Sunday. Don't expect them to play. I certainly don't.