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Tony Dungy Doesn't Think Colts Will Make The Playoffs In 2011

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We're going to see a lot of this over the course of the entire season, and by 'this' I mean people we all like and trust picking against the Colts in 2011.

The reasons are obvious: No Peyton Manning, no playoffs. Of course, in an NFL season, anything can happen. It is certainly possible that Kerry Collins can step in and guide this team to wins.

Possible and likely are two very different words with totally different meanings.

Thus, when former Colts head coach Tony Dungy goes on The Dan Patrick Show, as he did this morning, and got asked, point blanc, whether or not he thinks the Colts will make the playoffs, it's best not to hate him for his very measured, logical answer:

Dan Patrick: Will the Colts make the playoffs?

Tony Dungy: I think it all depends on Peyton Manning. I think it's going to be very difficult for them to make it. If he misses one or two games, I think they'll still win the division.

Dan Patrick: If you are picking today, if I made you make a pick, Colts make the playoffs- yes or no?

Tony Dungy: I would say no because I would be concerned about Peyton Manning. Just the fact that he may miss one game tells me that this is fairly serious.

Again, no Manning, no playoffs. I think we all have that sense realistically.