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Report: Peyton Manning Out For Entire 2011 Season [UPDATE] Colts Refuse To Confirm Report

From Jake Query, radio 1260 WNDE in Indianapolis:

What I said: A source I consider reliable told me he is out for the season. I do believe that the actual diagnosis is still being determined

Query's report is almost exactly what Jon Michael Vincent of 1070 The Fan, the ESPN affiliate in Indianapolis, reported on Monday, and it is very similar to Nate Dunlevy's little unnamed source report from yesterday.

The main differences in the reports are that Query says his source told him Manning had the procedure (past tense) last Sunday while JMV sources said that Peyton 'needs a 2nd neck procedure' (future tense). Dunlevy's report said Peyton will have surgery, which is different than a 'procedure.'

The Colts maintained Monday in a statement that no surgeries are planned for Peyton. Will Carroll of says he knows of no change in Manning's status, save that he is no longer with the team at the facility. He is unlikely travel with them to Houston.

So, based on these reports, either a new procedure or surgery is going to happen soon, or a surgery or procedure already happened recently. If one already happened, why haven't the Colts IRed Peyton yet?

Regardless, it doesn't look good for No. 18 in 2011. We'll keep you posted.

[UPDATE]: Laura Callaway tweeted this:

ESPN's Adam Schefter: "One Colts official texted me this: 'We are aware of the rumors, but can't confirm rumors. That is all they are.'"

The chose of words is interesting. They cannot confirm the report, but they are not denying it. If the report is false, an upfront 'That is completely untrue' statement from the Colts ends the rumor. By not doing that, and by, essentially, implying there is some truth to them, it looks like No. 18's 2011 season might be over before it ever begins.