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Jay Glazer: Peyton Manning Could Have Surgery This Weekend

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we have yet another report on the health of Peyton Manning. This time from Jay Glazer, FOX Sports:

While I'm hearing Manning hasn't had surgery yet, I wouldn't be surprised if he has it before the weekend!

So, that's now Glazer, SI's Will Carroll, SI's Peter King, and Colts owner Jim Irsay all refuting Jack Query's report yesterday that Manning had a procedure last Sunday.

Looks like Glazer's news is consistent with what Jon Michael Vincent originally tweeted earlier this week. It's also consistent with what Nate Dunlevy reported on Monday.

To cut Query a little slack, it seems obvious to me that his source is someone within the Colts organization. That's just me speculating. I've never met Query or spoken with him. Over the last two weeks, lots of people within the Colts organization have started blabbing to their media buddies in the local market. I don't think Query made up the report. I believe him when he says it's from a source (or sources) that he trusts. What seems to be happening here is people within the Colts organization don't even now what's going on, and the Colts (who are normally as 'company' as it gets when it comes to internal leaks) have become very chatty of late.

This has to be driving Bill Polian completely insane.

Perhaps we will finally get some clarity on this today or tomorrow. From Phil Wilson:

coach Jim Caldwell sounded like owner Jim Irsay in assuring more clarity to come, perhaps by end of week, on Manning rehab.