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Another Peyton Manning Update, Could Have Surgery TODAY

So, we just heard from FOX Sports' Jay Glazer and his sources. Now, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has this:

With rampant rumors and reports regarding the status of quarterback Peyton Manning, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that Manning could have neck surgery as soon today, and that he will miss "significant time" as he recovers.

It’s currently expected that, after the surgery, Manning will recover and play again, possibly this year.

This report is interesting given that both Jim Caldwell and Jim Irsay both stated today that an update on Manning's condition could happen soon. This news is also consistent with what Jon Michael Vincent originally tweeted earlier this week and what Nate Dunlevy reported on Monday.

This news from Florio is also pretty much what I heard early today from my peeps. I'm told Peyton will not be placed on the Injured Reserve list, and that his hope is to return this year when he is healthy regardless of the Colts regular season record at the time.