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Jimmy Johnson: Biggest Disappointment Of 2011 Was Peyton Manning Not Playing

If you just tuned into FOX NFL Sunday this afternoon, former-Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson listed his top 10 disappointments of 2011. No. 1 on his list was not seeing Peyton Manning play.

Manning missed the entire 2011 with a neck injury that required three surgeries... well, three that we know of.

Curt Menefee, host of FOX NFL Sunday, and Howie Long made it a point to ask 'how many surgeries did Peyton have?' The suggestion was Peyton had more than three, with one possibly overseas.

During Johnson's segment, he actually got Peyton on camera in a pre-recorded piece. Peyton said he is even more disappointed than Johnson is that he didn't play in 2011, and the 'rest assured' he would do everything possible to return to play in 2012.

After Johnson's segment, the Sunday pre-game crew at FOX talked about whether Manning would play again, and if he does, will it be in Indianapolis. All agreed they wanted to see Manning throw in the NFL again, but it was Michael Strahan who added that he only wants to see Peyton play if he can still perform at 'The Manning Level.'