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Colts New Era: Colts Announce Hiring Of Ryan Grigson ON A BLOG!

The previous regime that ran not just the front office but the entire Colts organization in general was one of the most backwards groups of people when it came to new technologies and ways to communicate to fans. They hated blogs. They hated Twitter. The hated Facebook.

Basically, they hated the 21st century.

With the new people in charge of this franchise, a clear signal that things have changed was in the way they officially announced the hiring of new general manager Ryan Grigson. Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted the followiing:

BIG NEWS, here u go Colts fans! @JimIrsay via Twitter

The link in Irsay's tweet is to a new blog on

So, to announce a big, new hire, the owner of the team tweeted the news and then interested a link to a blog in that tweet providing additional details.

For me, this is a wonderful change in the way this team, which had a terrible reputation when it came to communications, interacts with their fans.