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Colts Officially Announce Ryan Grigson As G.M. Press Conference Open Thread

Colts Owner Jim Irsay officially introduced new General Manager Ryan Grigson Wednesday at a 4 p.m. Press Conference. Here are some quotes, and you can use this as an Open Thread for discussion on the new GM.

Irsay on finding the new GM:

It was a long extensive process. We got our man. I'm really excited about that. It's a big critical decision for this franchise. There's a new wave of people in the NFL that are more qualified than ever to make that step up. It's an intuitive decision.

On Grigson:

I felt he had a vision that he had an intelligence. There's a teamwork understanding and mentality as a former Offensive Lineman. Ryan is a riser. He's going to continue to get better. He has all the tools, all the talent to rise higher.

On what exactly Grigson's role will be:

This is a traditional General Manager's job, making decisions on the 53 man roster. As an owner I have final decision, but will rarely use that.

Irsay's last line:

Building a football program is the #1 thing. Best way to work is everyone on same page: owner, general manager, coaches, players.

Grigson's initial comments:

I couldn't be more excited to be back here in my home state. My goal is to bring this team back to where it was. I have the owner that is with me, and it's been that way from the get-go.

On what he's walking into:

There's a strong foundation in place here that Mr. Irsay had in place. I have a tremendous respect for Bill Polian. It's almost like I had a baton passed to me.

On how he'll go about handling his job:

You have to have a combination of confidence and humility in this job. We need constant communication with everyone involved.