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Report: Colts Will Retain Jim Caldwell As Head Coach, Colts Fans Go Ballistic

Well, it seems as though Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz owes Indianapolis radio host Jake Query an apology. According to Kravitz's colleague at the Star, beat writer Mike Chappell, the Colts will indeed retain Jim Caldwell as their head coach in 2012. An announcement from the team is expected tomorrow or Wednesday.

Needless to say, this tiny bit of news has created quite a fan backlash. From Phil Wilson:

Colts fan Brendan Kirsch, 33, is an Indianapolis native who still follows the team passionately although work has taken him to Los Angeles and Tampa, Fla. Before this season, Kirsch set up a web site,, which includes a petition fans can submit. Kirsch admits he hasn’t marketed his site, but the petition has 4,497 names so far, and counting.


Kirsch says he’ll keep his site going for as long as Caldwell is head coach. Yeah, Kirsch believes in something other than the company line. And he’s not alone. About one hour after this blog’s posting, he tweeted his petition had 182 more names.

Former-Stampede Blue writer and current Bleacher Report editor Collin McCollough was a bit more blunt in his analysis of the Colts potentially keeping Caldwell:

Already, media jackals are justifiably laughing and pointing in Irsay's direction.

Jason McIntyre, Jets fan and editor of The Big Lead:

I’m not the biggest Caldwell basher – if not for JC resting starters in the 2nd half of a pivotal game against the Jets late in the 2009 season, New York doesn’t make the playoffs – but I just don’t see how anyone in Indy could be remotely thrilled about this decision.

Indeed, it will be interesting (and perhaps a bit entertaining) to see Irsay sell his seemingly false 'New Era' slogan to fans should he decide to retain a coach that just guided his team to a 2-14 season. In any case, regardless of whether Andrew Luck is drafted No. 1 or not, it's hard to get excited about Indianapolis in 2012 if Caldwell is still around.

And what does this say about new G.M. Ryan Grigson? He stated in his introductory press conference that he will make recommendations to Irsay about Caldwell's future. Should the Query and Chappell reports prove accurate, this either calls into question the decision-making abilities of Grigson, or creates doubt as to whether or not he has true authority over who coaches the Colts. If Grigson recommended firing Caldwell, but Irsay said no, then that kind of makes Grigson look rather foolish, wouldn't you say?

Either way, if the reports are true, Grigson doesn't come away looking good, and Irsay has a lot of tweeting to do if he wants to win back fans.