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Son Of Assistant Coach Pete Metzelaars Tweets His Father Let Go By Colts

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One of our readers, millermt, pointed out to us a Tweet from Jonathan Metzelaars, whose Twitter account says he is the son of Colts offensive line coach Pete Metzelaars.

We're looking to get confirmation from the Colts as to whether or not Metzelaars was let go by the team. He's been the offensive line coach since Howard Mudd 'retired' following the 2009 season. Prior to that, Metzelaars was the assistant offensive line coach.

Metzelaars played in the NFL in the 1980s and 1990s. He was brought to Buffalo in 1985. While there, he apparently gained the admiration of Bill Polian, who was the G.M. then. Some believe Metzelaars was brought to Indianapolis as an assistant due to his relationship with Polian, who spent fourteen years as president of the Colts. Bill Polian was fired the Monday after the Colts completed the dreadful 2-14 season of 2011.

With Polian gone, it seems new general manager Ryan Grigson sees little purpose in keeping Metzelaars.

Ironically, this might open the door to having Howard Mudd return to Indianapolis. Mudd 'retired' in 2010 only to get hired by the Eagles in 2011 as their o-line coach. Grigson worked as the Director of Player Personnel in Philly last year, and apparently Grigson left a big impression on the crusty, old line coach.

"I don't think he'll go in there and start running people off," said Mudd, who worked with Grigson in Philadelphia. "He's going to roll up his sleeves and work. He's going to take his time, and he's going to make smart decisions."

Mudd told the Eagles he plans to return next year as their offensive line coach, but that was said before Bill and Chris Polian were fired and Ryan Grigson was hired to replace them. So, we shall see.