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Jim Irsay Refutes Report The Colts Contacted Jeff Fisher

Just as he did a few weeks ago when Adam Schefter reported that the Colts had offered the job vacated by the fired Bill Polian to Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio, the mercurial owner turned to Twitter to respond to a report that the Colts had tried to hire Jeff Fisher as their head coach before they fired Jim Caldwell.

As Mike Florio at PFT pointed out (with a nice nod our way, thanks Mike), Irsay called out Bob Kravtiz of the Indianapolis Star for posting the report on Twitter. This is somewhat entertaining for myself personally because Bob has been on a bit of a crusade in recent days lecturing people on the supposed DANGER of social media as it pertains to journalistic integrity. Florio continues:

But here’s where it gets even more interesting. Earlier this month, Kravitz said on PFT Live the following: "I can promise you that they’ve already reached out to Jeff Fisher." As pointed out by the folks at, Kravtiz thereafter backpedaled on Twitter.

So apart from the report made more recently by Jim Thomas, Kravitz already had said that the Colts had reached out to Fisher.

Thus, two experienced members of the media have said that the Colts reached out to Fisher. Though Irsay has the right to deny it, the rest of us have the right to believe it.

And we do.

Like Florio, I think Irsay is full of it. The Colts contacted Fisher. Too much smoke not to be fire.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jim Thomas has a strong reputation, and Kravitz himself even said the Colts reached out to Fisher, only to trip all over himself afterwards on Twitter in an effort to make his comments 'clear.'

Maybe to save face and remain consistent in his previous positions on journalistic ethics and social media, Bob can start attacking the Thomas' credibility for posting the Fisher tweet the same way he freaked out and blasted Jake Query the night before Caldwell was fired. Good luck with that, Bob.