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Colts Request Permission To Interview Pete Carmichael, Will Interview Jerry Gray

The hunt for Jim Caldwell's replacement is on and the list of possibilities continues to grow.

Next up for an interview, if the Colts have their way? Saints' offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael.

Carmichael notably took over the play calling duties from Sean Peyton after his knee was obliterated on the sideline during week six of the season. Immediately after Carmichael took over, the Saints offense seemed to climb to new heights and finished the season (regular and post) as the number one offense in the league.

Carmichael's name is relatively hot on the head coaching market. The Raiders have reportedly talked to the coordinator while he was in San Fransisco. The Dolphins and Buccaneers have also targeted him for an interview.

If Carmichael is among the Colts favorite candidates, this would be a very good hire, in my opinion.

Another candidate the Colts will consider is Titans' defensive coordinator, Jerry Gray. Gray is another solid name and has worked with defensive guru, Gregg Williams, while he was head coach for the Bills. The Buccaneers are also interested in Gray.

Gray has an extensive background in secondary development (four-time Pro Bowler and NFL Defensive Back of the Year winner as a player) a.k.a. just what we need. It's possible that if head coach doesn't work out for Gray, the Colts could consider him to be their new defensive coordinator, if Mike Murphy follows the other recently fired Colts assistants out the door.

Gray will also satisfy the Rooney Rule.

[UPDATE:] Interview with Carmichael will take place on Thursday, per PFT.