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Colts Head Coaching Candidates Brad Likes- Discuss

Just like yesterday, I'm trying to get back in the habit of just tossing up a quick discussion-thread-like post a day. It's not news-related or a long, detailed article talking about how Bill Polian sucks. Just some quick ideas, hoping to get folks talking so it can spark even more ideas, suggestions, opinions, etc.

Reports are all over the place, saying the Colts will interview Titans assistant Jerry Gray, Saints OC Pete Carmichael, and Bengals DC Mike Zimmer. John Clayton also tossed CFL coach Mark Trestman's name out there as a possibility. Also potentially in the mix are Jim Tressel and Steve Spagnuolo. Tressel is still on staff as a consultant with the Colts, and Spagnuolo was interviewed for the vacant defensive coordinator position before Jim Caldwell was fired.

For me personally, the candidates I am leaning towards are Zimmer, Carmichael, Dennis Allen of the Broncos, and Perry Fewell of the Giants.

I'll explain why I like all four later. Right now, can you give me your pros and cons for these four guys?