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NFL Black Monday: What Will Happen With The Colts?

2011 was the worst season in Colts history since their 1-15 season of 1991. All throughout the year, the Colts front office and coaching staff were marred in dysfunction, paranoia, and incompetence. This has led many in local Indianapolis-area media (including us) to conclude that the only way for the Colts to regroup and rebuild is by removing all things 'Polian' from the Colts organization.

You can now add Fort Wayne News-Sentinel columnist (and friend of Stampede Blue) Reggie Hayes to the group who thinks front office change is something needed in Indy:

This would be the perfect time, with so much upheaval and high draft picks, to retool the Colts from front office to coaches to players. Irsay could reinvent his brand. But that kind of drastic change doesn't jibe with Irsay's style. Then again, this was a drastic kind of season.

Last night, Jim Irsay met with Bill Polian, Chris Polian, and Jim Caldwell. We don't know what was decided at that meeting, but we do know that the subject was the 'future' of the Indianapolis Colts. Whatever that future is, we likely will know something about it before 12:30 p.m. today. 12:30 is when Jim Caldwell has his scheduled press conference with the media following a Colts game. This press conference is standard.

If the event is rescheduled or canceled, we know something big is happening.