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NFL Black Monday: Early News Out Of Indianapolis Is Front Office Changes Coming UPDATE Jeff Fisher Linked To Colts

The early info trickling out of the Indianapolis Colts West 56th street complex is that there will be changes to the front office. What those changes are, we don't know. Early speculation suggestions Bill and Chris Polian are out, but no confirmation of that at this time.

Earlier this morning, Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted this:

I want 2 thank all,throughout the country n abroad,4ur tremendous,loyal support all year long. Ur feedback is heard n noted

The last part of his tweet suggests something big is in the works, as the Indianapolis Star's Phil Wilson noted this morning:

When I posted some observations, first on Twitter last night about how Irsay was meeting with Polian and Caldwell in the wee hours then on Facebook when I predicted this morning that today would be memorable, the immediate response was unanimous. Most want the Polians gone. A few stuck up for Caldwell, saying it’s not his fault. But most want him gone, too.

Fast forward to sitting alone in the Colts media center this morning and a quick check of Irsay’s Twitter account reveals a tweet just after 9 a.m. The man with a plan thanks the fans for their support and adds what could be a fateful kicker, "Ur feedback is heard n noted."

Yeah, no doubt, time for a change.

Stay tuned.

[UPDATE]: From S.I.'s Will Carroll:

Look for the Colts to avoid to word "fire" when they announce changes. "Restructure" and "reassign."

[UPDATE 2]: Pierre Garcon just tweeted something that suggests the players now know something is changing:


[UPDATE 3]: Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is reporting, via a source close to Jeff Fisher, that the former-Titans headman wants to coach the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are one of two teams fisher has targeted. From Freeman:

But I'm told by a source close to Fisher that of all the jobs, two mainly intrigue him.

One is Indianapolis (though it's not certain the Colts will fire Jim Caldwell). Fisher, I'm told, loves the idea of coaching either Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck (or both). Well, yeah, of course he would. What coach wouldn't?

I'm told another top choice for Fisher is a surprising one--Tampa Bay. Fisher feels the roster is more talented than it shows. I'd argue with Fisher on that one.

[UPDATE 4]: Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune-Star is at the Colts complex:

There is also questions as to whether team owner Jim Irsay will cut long ties to Bill and Chris Polian. We're still waiting to hear.

Rumors are leaking out that Jim Caldwell and staff may be let go but nothning has been announced or confirmed.

[UPDATE 5]: From Indianapolis sports radio host Jake Query:

Front office buyouts were discussed in meetings last night, but re-assignments are more likely. Caldwell may survive for time being

The next few updates will be in a new article.