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Reports: Colts Making Changes To Front Office, Jim Caldwell Fired UPDATE Normal Monday Press Conference Still Scheduled

All kinds of rumor and speculation is trickling out of the Indianapolis Colts West 56th Street complex this morning and much of it focuses on the 'big changes' that everyone is expecting with the front office and the coaching staff.

As we noted here, different sources are reporting contradictory information. However, a few consistent themes are emerging:

  • Jim Caldwell will be fired
  • Bill Polian's and Chris Polian's contracts will either be bought out, terminated, or both men will be 're-assigned' within the organization
  • Former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has been linked to the Colts
  • Former Ohio State head coach and current Colts consultant Jim Tressel is another candidate listed who could replace Caldwell

The news craziness started early this morning when Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that he'd listened to the fans and that their opinions were noted. All season long, fans have screamed for the removal of the Polians and Caldwell.

As of right now, we have no official announcement from the Colts. Jim Caldwell is still scheduled to meet with the press at 12:30 p.m. ET.

[UPDATE]: From ESPN's Paul Kuharsky:

Caldwell to talk at 12:30 ET. I see 3 options. They announce moves then. He talks then & stays. He talks then and news comes Tues.

[UPDATE 2]: S.I.'s Will Carroll just tweeted this:

Hearing Colts "staff" let go - trying to figure out if that's just coaching staff or if it goes deeper.