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Colts Players React To Irsay Firing Bill And Chris Polian

Colts center Jeff Saturday told everyone change was coming. Now, we know what it is. longtime team president Bill Polian and his son, general manager Chris Polian, have been fired.

Not 'reassigned.'

Not 'excused.'


The news came as a shock to several Colts players, who used Twitter to express their shock:

Pierre Garcon

So what happens now???

Robert Mathis

whoaaaa!!!!! Bill and Chris Polian fired

Pat McAfee

I wonder who the new boss will be?

McAfee also used Twitter to express gratitude towards Polian for picking him in 2009:

Bill Polian took a chance on me when no other team wanted to.. I'll always be grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to be a Colt.

The Colts have a 5:00 p.m. ET press conference scheduled. Likely, it is there where owner Jim Irsay will officially announce the firing of the Polians. We also might have some news as to who the new general manager is, but make no mistake. After today, the 'new boss' is Jim Irsay.