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So, Been A Heckuva Day, Huh?

Since 7:00 a.m. this morning, I've been glued to my seat. I've been talking on Twitter, reading emails, answering texts, and writing, writing, and writing some more. I stopped about 45 minutes go. Had some dinner. Had a glass of wine. The craziness of the day is melting away.

In about 30 minutes, I plan to turn on ESPN and watch Andrew Luck play in the Fiesta Bowl. I also have articles to write for this blog,, and SB Nation Indiana about the events that took place today in Colts Land.

Matt and I will have more on this tomorrow, but before we get into all the post-mortem regarding Bill Polian's career in Indianapolis, I wanted to take a moment to say 'thanks' to you readers for riding along with us today. We did our best to attack this story with everything we had. We wanted content up, quick and fast, and more content waiting in the wings. Based on our numbers for the day, it looks like we succeeded.

So, again, thank you. We are entering, as Jim Irsay stated earlier today, a new era for the Indianapolis Colts. we certainly hope you will enjoy this new era with us here.

Go Colts