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Report: Scratch Jim Tressel Off The Colts Coaching List

For all of you readers out there freaking about about a possible influx of blue sweater vests on sale soon at the Colts pro shop, Chris Widlic of local Indianapolis TV station WISH-TV has some happy news to report:

In case you don't know who Widlic is, he joined the WISH-TV sports staff in December 2003.

Tressel as a coaching candidate is a hot button topic for many Colts fans. Most who have replied here and on Twitter tell me they hate the idea of him coaching in Indy.

It will be interesting to see if Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz comes after Widlic for posting "rumors" on Twitter the way he has lashed out in recent weeks at people like sports radio host Jake Query and St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer Jim Thomas.

Even more interesting is if Widlic is correct in his report.