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Report: Pro Football Talk Says Ravens DC Chuck Pagano To Be Next Colts Head Coach [UPDATE] It's Now Official

If you sent a tweet to Colts Owner Jim Irsay yesterday with Ravens Defensive Coordinator Chuck Pagano, it looks like you have a chance to win Super Bowl tickets. Citing a league source, Pro Football Talk announced via Twitter that Pagano will be the next Head Coach of the Colts:

Pagano held the Defensive Coordinator position for the Ravens for just one year, and was the team's secondary coach for three season before that. He also coached the secondary between 2001-06 with the Browns and Raiders. He also seemed late to the interview game, but obviously he was busy with the Ravens up until last Sunday. It makes you wonder whether the Colts would have gone in a different direction had the Ravens won last weekend and were all set to play in the Super Bowl.

Now, this is not official news, but I doubt PFT would stick their necks out like this if they weren't very sure about it. We'll obviously update when we get more news.

[UPDATE]: Tweet from NFL Network's Jason LaConfora:

What are your thoughts on the hire? Let us know.

[UPDATE 2]: It's now official. Pagano is the new head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. They team will hold a 3 p.m. ET press conference tomorrow to announce the hiring.