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Are The Steelers Really Going To Hire Jim Caldwell?

Right on the heels of the news that the Colts will hire former Steelers assistant Bruce Arians to run their offense, we now get news that the Steelers are talking to former Colts head coach Jim Caldwell. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review beat writer Mark Baboly tweeted this earlier today:

Now, Tomlin reportedly having breakfast with Caldwell doesn't necessarily mean the Steelers will be hiring him anytime soon. Tomlin and Caldwell are friends, and worked with each other in Tampa Bay under Tony Dungy ten years ago.

However, the Steelers are in the market for a new offensive coordinator, and if they promote current quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner to offensive coordinator, then the Steelers will need a new QB coach. Caldwell was the QB coach in Indianapolis from 2002-2008. Prior to that, he coached the QBs in Tampa Bay in 2001, the year he and Tomlin worked together as assistants under Dungy.

Just something to think about.


Well, wouldn't that be a funny little shuffling of things.