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Recap Of The Indianapolis Colts Season Wrap-Up Show: Week 17, 2011

All season long, we at Stampede Blue have provided you, our readers, with humorous and detailed recaps of 'The Bill Polian Show' both here on our site and on Twitter. We did this because, after Bill Polian's meltdown on the radio following the Colts now-infamous handling of the Week Sixteen game against the New York Jets in 2009, the Colts blocked 'The Bill Polian Show' from Internet listeners. The orders for blocking the show came directly from Polian himself, and he did so specifically because of what our little blog wrote about him during and after that infamous Week Sixteen radio broadcast. We have that confirmed.

Thus, because Colts fans outside the Indianapolis area could not listen in on the show, we felt it our civic duty to provide highlights from the program all season long.


Yesterday, Bill Polian got his ass fired.

As a result, he was no longer the star of his own call-in radio show.

However, in a classy gesture aimed at mending fences with fans, Colts owner Jim Irsay opted to continue the show's regular broadcast yesterday evening. Instead of Bill, Jimmy was the star of the show, and one of the first things he did before going on the air was return the radio show's live Internet stream.

Thus, Colts fans outside Indianapolis could listen-in.

This was a generous move by Mr. Irsay, and it signaled that we are entering a new era for the Indianapolis Colts and their fans. While recapping the show all season long was great for site traffic and, in some cases, comic relief, I'm not sad Bill Polian is no longer blatantly lying to us or treating us like children on the radio. Hopefully, whoever replaces Bill as the 'lone voice' of the franchise (be this person a general manager or a coach), this new person will be a tad more warm and fuzzy to the people Jim Irsay refers to as the team's 'stakeholders,' the fans.

Thus, because Bill Polian got his ass fired yesterday, what was 'The Bill Polian Show' was renamed 'The Indianapolis Colts Season Wrap-Up Show.'

After the jump, we have the highlights straight from the mouth of Mr. Irsay himself.

  • Regular show host Bob Lamey was joined by Jeffry Gorman, who works for the Colts P.R. Department. Jim Irsay was the featured guest, and right away they got to talking about Irsay firing Bill and Chris Polian. Irsay said the decision was difficult, 'but you have to put sentiment aside.'
  • Irsay said he's excited about the future and what the future holds for the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Irsay said he finalized the decision to fire both Polians early Monday morning.
  • Irsay said he is very interested in setting up the Colts for 'a long run.' He stated clearly that he's not interested in 'burning cap' to win for just a few years.
  • According to Irsay, the search for a new team general manager will begin immediately. He said this new G.M. will likely be someone who has not been a G.M. before.
  • Irsay said he's looking for someone who is a great talent evaluator. Also, the people he is interested in are currently working on teams in the playoffs. Thus, Irsay cannot interview them until the playoffs end for those respective teams.
  • Irsay made it clear that Jim Caldwell could be retained as the head coach. However, he also stated that if there is a coach out there that he wants, he won't hesitate to hire him before hiring a new G.M. This statement was, of course, NOT a ringing endorsement for Caldwell, and strongly suggests Caldwell is toast.
  • Irsay said that back in 1998 when the went suffered through a 3-13 season, they had more equity than team now. Equity for Irsay means 'talent.' Irsay also said the Colts have serious cap issues.
  • Irsay said the Colts are moving into a 'new era.' He also said the team is now in 'a rebuilding process.'
  • Irsay praised current Colts director of player personnel Tom Telesco. Telesco, unlike the Polians, will be retained.
  • Just like in his press conference prior to the radio show, Irsay did not say one positive thing about Chris Polian, the now former general manager.
  • Irsay said the changing of an era similar to how era shifted in Green Bay from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers.
  • Irsay touched on the infamous decision to rest starters at the end of 2009, making it clear that the decision was made by the personnel department (a.k.a., the Polians).
  • Irsay strongly stated the Colts did not tank games in 2011.
  • Irsay called the 2012 NFL Draft a 'critical' one for the Colts and their longterm future. Said the draft is loaded with talent, and that this year the top picks in rounds two through seven will be very important.
  • Talent at the quarterback position was an area Irsay singled out for the 2012 NFL Draft.
  • Irsay suggested the new G.M. will be unknown to fans, unlike what Bill Polian was in 1997. He also said it is possible that a new coach for next year is someone who is not a head coach now.
  • Irsay left the show roughly 15 minutes in. He thanked the fans for sticking with the team.
  • Before the show ended, Bob Lamey and the crew praised Irsay for staying in touch with the fans and allowing the show to be streamed live on the Internet.

Thanks for following our highlights of 'The Bill Polian Show' all season, everyone.