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Jim Irsay Deserves MAJOR Props

This is what I wrote about Colts owners Jim Irsay just two days ago:

I've been saying [Jim Caldwell's] firing was a mere formality for over a month. Jim Irsay was clearly going to serve up Caldwell as the fall guy for this season because Irsay, from what I've gathered, simply lacks the stones to fire the Polians.

Two days later... um, yeah. Jimmy took his big, bulbous, brass-and-steel-reinforced stones and slapped me across the face with them.

Yesterday, when Jim Irsay announced to the world that he'd fired his longtime personnel executive Bill Polian, in many ways it was Irsay's finest hour. I don't say that because Irsay did what I and others have been begging for him to do for months now. I say that because, in the face of adversity, and weighed down by a decision that not only rocked the foundations of the Colts but the NFL itself, Irsay conducted himself masterfully.

He was calm when it required calm.

He was decisive when decision was necessary.

He was happy and upbeat when a room full of shocked media needed to know that a 'new era' was dawning in Indianapolis.

The contract terminations of Bill and his son, Colts G.M. Chris Polian, were not about a 2-14 season. It was about Jim Irsay reasserting control over his franchise.

Yesterday, Irsay made it clear to everyone, including me, that he is the top dog at West 56th Street. He hit that point home even further when he stated that the next general manager will likely be someone who has never been a G.M. before, suggesting he is looking at people who are currently working as directors of player personnel, or regional scouting directors on other teams.

This means that there will be no 'team president' or 'vice chairman.' The G.M. will handle the football operations. Jim Irsay will run the franchise.

While the overall handling of the Polian firings was indeed Irsay at his best, I still question the decision to put Jim Caldwell through that incredibly awkward and surreal press conference earlier in the day. Caldwell knew something was happening. The press new something was happening. But, Caldwell couldn't answer questions about anything specific. He did say that there was 'no need for a culture change' in Indianapolis.

Three hours later, Irsay officially fired the Polians.

This was yet another example of the Colts putting Caldwell in a position where he looks foolish. They should have just canceled the press conference. No need to put coach through that.

Irsay's decision yesterday was likely difficult on both a personal and professional level. Handing someone you've been friends with for 30 years their walking papers isn't like Donald Trump telling Gary Busey 'YA FIRED!' But, Irsay did it. He did it with grace, elegance, and in a manner that actually got people like me excited about the Colts' future.

Oh, and I'll never question Jim Irsay's moxy ever again. Bill Polian was viewed by many as untouchable, which, ironically, was probably why Irsay felt compelled to let him go. When it's all said and done, no personnel executive is untouchable. They all work for the owners. The owners are the bosses.

Yesterday, Jim Irsay reminded all of us who truly owns and runs the Indianapolis Colts, and it was kind of cool to see the dizzy, Twitter-crazy hipster flex his muscles a bit. He went Alec Baldwin Glengary on us all, including Bill Polian! And if you don't know what I mean by that, watch this: