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Report: Peyton Manning Still Isn't Healthy, Expected To Retire

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Yes, yes, yes... another report about Peyton Manning and his status with the Colts. Get used to them because more will surface. Peyton Manning's health and future in the NFL are the story this week, not some little game that is going to get played Sunday. Since everyone and their mother's mother has descended upon Indianapolis, as it is the site for Super Bowl XLVI, news about Manning will continue to percolate until... well, until we hear something definitive from either Manning himself or Colts owner Jim Irsay.

The first report last night came via Peter King of SI. He was working the pre-game show for the 2012 Pro Bowl, and he said that, according to Manning family friend Gil Brandt, Peyton still isn't healthy five months after spinal fusion surgery and it is doubtful he will ever play again.

Not long after, Amy Lawrence of ESPN tweeted this:

So, this is now three pretty credible sources (King, Brandt, Clayton) all saying Peyton will hang'm up. As always, we will continue to monitor, update, and re-update this story. Like you, we are sick of it all too, but just because we're sick of it doesn't mean it isn't news.