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Report: Andrew Luck To Sign With Athletes First, Dave Dunn UPDATE SI's Peter King Refutes Report

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If there was any doubt that Andrew Luck was going to enter the 2012 NFL Draft, that can now be put to rest. Joey Roberts of ESPN is reporting that Luck has signed with Athletes First and agent Dave Dunn:

Andrew Luck will be represented by Athletes First Dave Dunn

This is actually pretty good news for the Colts. Back at the end of December, there was a report that Luck was meeting with agent Tom Condon, who just happens to also represent Peyton Manning. This would have put the Colts in a sticky situation, but was quickly debunked as being erroneous. Having the same guy negotiating for both Manning and Luck, if Luck is selected #1 overall, could have also been bad for Luck, as the entirety of his rookie deal will be worth the same as one season with Manning. Who do you think Condon would side with if there was a conflict?

The only information I could find is from a site called the Sports Agent Directory, and it shows that Kerry Collins and Matt Hasselbeck are also clients, so he's represented QBs before, and has worked with the Colts as recently as this season.

UPDATE: Sports Illustrated's Peter King did a little more research it seems, and tweeted this:

Interesting. I'm told that not only does David Dunn not represent Andrew Luck, but he's never spoken to Luck.

Sigh. The original tweet was repeated by Chris Mortensen, which made it credible in our eyes. We'll keep everyone updated.