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Kravitz Now Backs Off Fisher-To-Colts Story

On Tuesday, Indianapolis Star columnist Bob Kravitz told PFT Live that "I can promise you that [the Colts] have already reached out to Jeff Fisher." A short time after PFT blew up that "promise" all over the World Wide Web, Kravitz scrambled onto Twitter and tried to say that he never said the Colts had reached out to Fisher (even though he, you know, did say that).

When that excuse didn't sound logical, he then tweeted that he might have "misspoke." Now, Bob is backing off the Fisher-to-Colts almost entirely. Here's Bob on Twitter again:

Getting the impression that while Jeff Fisher is intriguing, but probably not real high on the Colts priority list at this pt. Could change

So, in the span of two days, we went from a promise that the Colts have already talked to Fisher to "not real high on the Colts priority list."

Yeah. I totally buy that, Bob. Totally.

Either Bob's sources aren't giving him accurate information, or he was just making that stuff up when be blabbed to Mike Florio that the Colts have already talked to a head coaching candidate even though they have yet to fire their current head coach, Jim Caldwell. Or, maybe Bob should watch what he says a bit more carefully when he chit-chats with national media.

Again, I like Bob and he has done great work covering the Colts in recent years, but the "misspoke" excuse is pretty laughable.