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Pagano Must Spend 4-6 Weeks In Isolation At Hospital

As part of his treatment for acute promyelocytic leukemia, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano must spend 4-6 weeks in isolation at a local Indianapolis hospital. Why? Well, per Ian Rapoport of, chemotherapy treatments for the leukemia create a low blood count that increases possibility of serious infection. Thus, Pagano must be isolated from human contact.

Word out of the Colts complex is that the news of Pagano's illness is devastating to the players. Some fought back tears when they hear Apparently, even though he's only been on the job since March 2012, Pagano is extremely well-liked by most in the organization.

The positive here is that this form of leukemia is considered "very treatable."

Pagano himself is reportedly very upbeat, texting people like Chris Mortensen that he "will be back soon."

It's obviously good to hear that coach is staying positive and working with his doctors on his treatment. Pagano was apparently feeling fatigued of late, and he used the Colts bye week to go in for blood tests. The tests revealed the leukemia.