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ESPN Thinks Andrew Luck Is the Best QB In The NFL, According To Their Funky QBR System

ESPN's QB rating system has the No. 1 overall pick ranked No. 1 overall in the entire NFL after five weeks. That's kind of awesome.

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So, ESPN's adjusted QBR system for Week 6 of the regular season got posted on, of all places, The Big Lead (a site owned by Gannett). TBL's lead football writer is Jason Lisk, and I have kind of a hard-on for Mr. Lisk not necessarily because I dig dudes with husky voices who reside in the state of Missouri, but because Jason is a pretty damn good football writer.

After five weeks of QBs slinging the ball around, and pretty much every media outlet (including ESPN) doing jumping-jacks on the nuts of Robert Griffin III, guess who is No. 1 on ESPN's QBR system.

Not Tom Brady. Not Peyton Manning. Not even Robert Griffin III.

It's Andrew Luck, the goofy-looking white guy who hasn't figured out that neck beards are NOT sexy.

ESPN's adjusted QBR ranking [Note: It's Lisk himself who made these adjustments, not ESPN] take into account the strength of the opponents the quarterbacks face. This means that Luck has performed well against some of the best passing attacks in football. As Lisk notes:

Andrew Luck, in fact, has had either the best or second best performance against each defense he has faced this year.

Schedule matters.

So, while Philip Rivers pads stats against some of the worst pass defenses in football, Luck is putting up his own numbers against teams who are actually quite good as playing this thing we call "defense."

Luck's QBR number (adjusted) is 23.9. Eli Manning of the Giants is second with 22.1.

Robert Griffin III has a rating of 7.6. He's one spot below Miami rookie Ryan Tannehill, who is 7.7.

The Big Lead's chart of ESPN's adjusted QBR for NFL Week 6 is here.