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NFL Fantasy Football Week 6 "Start 'Em, Sit 'Em!" - The Sleeper Edition

Have you ever looked at an NFL Fantasy Football report and wondered if some of the players mentioned were even in the league? Well, you’re about to in this week’s Sleeper Edition!

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Fantasy Football - Week 6

Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em - Sleeper Edition!

Have you ever looked at an NFL Fantasy Football report and wondered if some of the players mentioned were even in the league? Well, you're about to in this week's Sleeper Edition!

QB's - Start ‘Em!

  • Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) - Even if you haven't figured it out by now, chances are Indianapolis Colts (2-2) sensational rookie QB Andrew Luck (77.1 QB Rating - 1,208 YDS, 5 INT's, 7 TD's) has. Aside from being a phenomenal quarterback, he's an intellectual and apparently one hell of an athlete, as well! The Colts are heading into New York Jets (2-3) territory on a short week to face Sanchow or Techez or whomever they decide to throw under center this week. And although the Jets secondary (6th-ranked, 199.8 YPG) looked decent against the Houston Texans (5-0) passing attack last week, their numbers will drop slowly with the loss of featured CB Darrelle Revis missing the remainder of the season. Let's be real, CB Antonio Cromartie is only good for 1 solid game every 3 or 4 outings - he used that up last week. With Luck's confidence, game management, attention to detail, overall athleticism and maturity, it has already made him a starter in many leagues... as well as in our hearts. Awwwww!
  • Christian Ponder (Minnesota Vikings) - Lopsided match-up time! No one knows just quite how the Minnesota Vikings began the season 4-1 - and I feel everyone is just as confused as to how their sole loss is to the Indianapolis Colts (2-2) after they beat a powerhouse San Francisco 49'ers (4-1) quite handily. You've got to give QB Christian Ponder (95.5 WB Rating - 1,082 YDS, 2 INT's, 6 TD's) a lot of the credit for such a tremendous start to a team who was written off in the preseason. I love this game and look for Ponder, together with some of Minnesota's offensive studs, to have a big, big day against a Washington Redskins (2-3) 31st-ranked passing defense who would have trouble stopping a 3rd and long against The Chef's Academy.
  • Kevin Kolb (Arizona Cardinals) -I don't think anyone knows just how badly this call hurts me to make, because I truly, with all of my heart (what little of it that's there) don't want to say it, but I will... I am predicting Arizona Cardinals' (4-1) QB Kevin Kolb (89.7 QB Rating - 1,041 YDS, 2 INT's, 7 TD's) to come up big this week. Now that my insides hurt and I'm done peering over my shoulder, hoping no one actually saw me type that, I'll give you my reasoning, albeit brief - Buffalo Bills (2-3). The Bills have given up 1,388 passing yards in 5 games. You may be thinking, "Well, 277.6 passing YPG isn't the worst!" You may be right, until focusing on whom they've played this season: Jets, Chiefs, Browns, Patriots and 49'ers. Yeah, there's ONE solid passing offense listed... ONE! Take that into consideration when Kolb hooks up, tossing a few passing TD's in this one. I mean, who else are the Cardinals to rely on, 3rd string RB LaRod Stephens-Howling (12 ATT, 1 YD, 1 TD)?! Well, I guess he does still have more touchdowns than Titans RB Chris Johnson. ZING!

RB's - Start ‘Em!

  • Vick Ballard (Indianapolis Colts) - Indianapolis Colts (2-2) RB Vick Ballard (21 ATT, 42 YDS, 0 TD's) gets the start this weekend with an injured RB Donald Brown (60 ATT, 239 YDS, 1 TD) expected to miss only 2-3 weeks after having knee surgery - is he bionic? Minor or not, that's insanity, I say! Anyway, the New York Jets (2-3) are absolutely pathetic when it comes to stopping the run (31st - 172.4 YPG), which is the reason the Houston Texans (5-0) should've dismantled them, yet deciding (for whatever reason) to go to the air more. Brown is a good flex position and I see him having a good game being a breakout chance for himself against the worst of the worst. Make it happen, Vicky!
  • BenJarvis Green-Ellis (Cincinnati Bengals) - Although Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) RB BenJarvis Green-Ellis (91 ATT, 300, 2 TD's) hasn't done as well as many had hoped up to this point in the season, the Bengals are going to need a strong outing from Green-Ellis to counter the Cleveland Browns (0-5) RB Trent Richardson (81 ATT, 303 YDS, 4 TD's) - who would be my top starter of the week, if this weren't the Sleeper Edition, of course. In all honesty, I see the Browns possibly pulling off the upset. Say whaaaaat?!

WR's - Start ‘Em!

  • T.Y. Hilton (Indianapolis Colts) - This may as well be "Colts Edition" rather than "Sleeper Edition!" Ask anyone who knows me, I've been on Indianapolis Colts (2-2) WR's T.Y. Hilton's (8 REC, 165 YDS, 1 TD) bandwagon since he was unknowingly paying my bills at Florida International University, blazing streak-routes down the field. Before the first snap of every play I say aloud, "Play-action to Hilton down the sideline... do it!" Although it has yet to come to fruition, I am a fan of his athleticism and think he could do big things against a suspect New York Jets (2-3) secondary this weekend. Get ‘em, killer!
  • Nate Burleson (Detroit Lions) - Detroit Lions' (1-3) WR Nate Burleson (22 REC, 200 YDS, 1 TD) will be expected to come up big against a Philadelphia Eagles (3-2) defense who will likely bring safety help over to double-team premier WR Calvin Johnson (29 REC, 423 YDS, 1 TD), who didn't produce much offense last week at home. The pass-first mentality should definitely help both the Lions and Burleson put points on the board. Hell, they better start doing something. Have you seen how pissed the people on "Hardcore Pawn" get? As the lovely Sweet Brown and my dear friend Cess and her theatrical crew would say, "Ain't nobody got time fo' that!"

For those unfamiliar folks, allow me to introduce Sweet Brown -

  • Andre Roberts (Arizona Cardinals) - Seriously, Arizona Cardinals' (4-1) WR Andre Roberts (20 REC, 268 YDS, 4 TD's) is a real person, guys! Granted, he doesn't get much recognition due to that other receiver on the field... Lenny... ummm, Larry Fitsimmons? I dunno, anyway... doesn't matter. Fact is, Arizona is finally back at home and looking to do some damage on one of the league's bottom-dwellers in passing defense (24th - 277.6 YPG), Buffalo Bills (2-3) who have been absolutely atrocious since their 2-1 start. Focusing on Arizona's "other receiver", look for Roberts to have a decent outing Sunday.

QB's - Sit ‘Em!

  • Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys) - Again, I want to like Tony Romo (78.5 QB Rating - 1,148 YDS, 8 INT's, 5 TD's) and I fully understand that some of his picks have been right in the hands of his receivers. However, at what point do you start learning that it's a yearly pattern? Either the man has the worst luck in history or he's consistently inconsistent, at best. Even though the Baltimore Ravens' (4-1) defense isn't what it once was, I still look for them to swallow the Dallas Cowboys (2-2) rushing game up whole while FS Ed Reed (21 TACK, 2 INT's) does work on the receiving core. We are talking about a guy who's remembered for sitting on the field, legs outstretched, grasping his facemask with his head down. I mean, c'mon!
  • Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles) - Many, myself included, may feel I'm stretching on this one considering the last dual-threat quarterback the Detroit Lions (1-3) faced was rookie QB Jake Locker (90.2 QB Rating - 781 YDS, 2 INT's, 4 TD's), who posted 413 total yards in Tennessee Titans' 44-41 OT win a few weeks back. However, I feel as if Philadelphia Eagles' (3-2) QB Michael Vick (77.8 QB Rating - 1,321 YDS, 6 INT, 6 TD's) is too much of a risk - both on the field and on your fantasy roster. Again, if you have a terrible back-up, start Vick, but trust me when I say that I think there are far better options out there for this week... even on the waiver wire!
  • Carson Palmer (Oakland Raiders) - It seems to be that against even mildly decent defenses, Oakland Raiders (1-3) QB Carson Palmer (86.0 QB Rating - 1,081 YDS, 2 INT's, 5 TD's) has little to no success. I definitely don't see that changing when Oakland flies cross-country to attempt to topple the undefeated Atlanta Falcons (5-0) - where they're just that much better at home. The Falcons are currently 7th in the league in opposing passing yards (203.0 YPG) and have CB Thoma DeCoud's 22 tackles and 4 interceptions leading the way to help thank for that. Look for Carson to be, well... Carson.

RB's - Sit ‘Em!

  • Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams) - Simply put, I think the St. Louis Rams (3-2) have completely given up on RB Steven Jackson (77 ATT, 271 YDS, 0 TD's) ever returning to his former self... for them at least. Jackson's 76-yard performance last Thursday was a season high in rushing for the former sure-start, week after week. Now that Jackson's been given the option to void his contract following the 2012 season, it's all but written that his tenure with the Rams organization is coming to an end, apparently right along with his confidence in running the ball, for Abilene Christian University prospect RB Daryl Richardson (36 ATT, 170 YDS, 0 TD's). Add that with the fact that they're facing the NFL's leader in rush defense (1ST - 61.4 YPG) and you've just made a recipe for disaster for the two aforementioned backs.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw (New York Giants) - New York Giants (3-2) RB Ahmad Bradshaw (65 ATT, 333 YDS, 2 TD's) went absolutely ape shit on the suspect Cleveland Browns (0-5) - showing that at least one home team could do something productive at MetLife Stadium last week. Although Bradshaw may be showing signs that he's back to his old self, he's got a tall task ahead of himself when traveling to San Francisco 49'ers (4-1) territory to prove his point. The 49'ers hold the NFL's 7th-ranked rushing defense, allowing only 81.4 YPG - giving up only 89-yards rushing from the Buffalo Bills (2-3) last week as well as an embarrassing 45-yards rushing game from the New York Jets (2-3) the week before. Look for the Giants to do what they've done best and rely on the arm of QB Eli Manning (96.0 QB Rating - 1,579 YDS, 5 INT's, 10 TD's) and their 3rd-ranked passing offense (309 YPG) to keep this game close.
  • Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) -At this point in the season, do I even have to continue to put Tennessee Titans (1-4) RB Chris Johnson (73 ATT, 210 YDS, 0 TD's) on the bench?! On second thought - TRADE HIM TWO WEEKS AGO! I'll give you a minute to read those impressive yearly stats again... did you retain it all? Good. Now that you fully understand what I'm saying, they're now going up against a Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) team who is in desperate need of a dominant win, no matter whom it's over. I'll tell you what, just pretend Chris Johnson doesn't exist anymore, for the remainder of the season... hell, defenses already do.

WR's - Sit ‘Em!

  • Vincent Jackson (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - Talk about your hot and cold players, WR Vincent Jackson (16 REC, 304 YDS, 2 TD's) definitely wreaks of inconsistency. I'm not quite sure if it's necessarily Jackson who is on-again, off-again or if QB Josh Freeman (75.3 QB Rating - 790 YDS, 4 INT's, 5 TD's) remains the culprit? Regardless, I don't like the match-up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3) have this week, especially given that the visiting Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) have surrendered fewer than 14 fantasy points in 3 of its last 4 games.
  • Brandon Lloyd (New England Patriots) - When trying to pass on the Seattle Seahawks (3-2) secondary (5th - 192.0 YPG), it would seem as if they literally have a 12th man on the field. Trust me when I say, they would have nowhere near a winning record if they relied solely on their offense (31st Passing YPG - 147.0). This Sunday's game where they host the reeling New England Patriots (3-2) looks to be no different. Look for Seattle's shut-down corners to assure lockup defense on WR's like Brandon Lloyd (28 REC, 321 YDS, 1 TD) down-field so focus can hone in on the Gronkowski, Woodhead and Welker (I told you he'd get that elusive TD reception last week) three-headed monster. I don't expect much from Lloyd this week, if anything - although he is one photogenic son of a...

The most photogenic athlete in the world -

  • Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) All too much fantasy owners put more in name value than they do in production value. Currently ranked 30th overall, Houston Texans' (5-0) WR Andre Johnson (17 REC, 283 YDS, 2 TD's) is simply not being targeted much at all anymore. Last week I would've said to keep him around, but then after facing the Revis-less New York Jets (2-3) and still not producing, I'd say it's probably time to start looking at other options or maybe even trading him (GASP!) while his "value" is still there. Talk about a big name that can swiftly kick me in the ass on any given Sunday - Andre Johnson is definitely one of those. Going up against a fairly decent Green Bay Packers (2-3) secondary poses a bit of a challenge, however I feel that the even greater challenge is Green Bay attempting to get out of Houston with a .500 record.