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Colts Back-up QB Drew Stanton Kind Of Suggests The Jets Are A Dysfunctional Mess

When he was the back-up for the Jets, Drew Stanton thought he'd get a chance to push Mark Sanchez for the starting QB job. Then, Tebow happened.

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

It wasn't so much trash talking as it was a one-time Jets quarterback telling the media he wanted no part of circus going on in New York New Jersey.

Not that long ago, sixth year veteran Drew Stanton was Mark Sanchez's back-up with the Jets. He signed there as a free agent this past off-season with a promise from the Jets that, if Sanchez struggled, Stanton would get a shot as the starting quarterback. As Bob Glauber of Newsday noted today:

What really sealed the deal for Stanton to sign with the Jets was the assurance he said he received from the team that he'd get some playing time in the event Sanchez played poorly.

"Had Mark struggled, they said I'd have a chance to play," Stanton said. "So there was no better opportunity than that, and I was excited about it."

Then, the Jets got struck with stupid. After former-Colts superstar Peyton Manning signed as a free agent with the Broncos, Denver traded their starting QB last season, Tim Tebow, to the Jets. Once that happened, Stanton sorta went to his bosses in NY and said, Yeah, this near-certain Tebow sh*tstorm? I want out of it.

Within a few days of his signing, Stanton said the dynamic had changed because of the Tebow speculation, and he grew unsure about his status. Stanton was told by his agent, Mike McCartney, that Tebow likely would be available in a trade from the Broncos because of Peyton Manning's free-agent deal in Denver. Manning signed four days after Stanton signed with the Jets.

Upon hearing the news, Stanton said he called the Jets for clarification but couldn't get a definitive answer about their interest in Tebow.

"It was tough, because I didn't know what the future held," Stanton said. "I didn't want to be in the same [quarterback] room with Tim, because it's difficult from the media or fan standpoint. He's such a good guy, and the perception of him makes it so difficult.

In fairness to the Jets, they did good by Stanton and traded him to the Colts for a sixth round pick. They could have been Bill Polians dicks and made Stanton hold a clipboard all through preseason before cutting him prior to Week One, but they didn't.

In the end, the Colts got something they've lacked for years (a quality back-up with starting experience) and the Jets got Tebow and all the SportsCenter attention that comes with him.

However, the insight Stanton provides into the Jets organization is fascinating, and it might explain why New York's "other team" is struggling.

"I don't know whose call it was to make the trade, but it seems ironic that they didn't know Tebow would have been an option," Stanton said. "If they knew that, I would have taken more [free-agent] visits.

" . . . I was blindsided by it, but it's a matter of moving on and realizing the harshness of the business in this league and how quickly things can evolve.

"They didn't have a press conference for me when I signed," he said in a jab at the Jets, who welcomed Tebow with a news conference that drew so many people, it had to be held in the team's indoor practice facility. "But they upheld what they said, they found a good situation for me, and it's fortunate for me."

Yes it is Drew, and I think there's only one way the Colts can show the Jets just how good a decision that trade was for them: