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Yes, Jason McIntyre Thinks The Colts Could Make The Playoffs

Oh god. Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead thinks the Colts will make the playoffs. We're totally screwed.

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Insufferable New York Jets fan Jason McIntyre, the man behind the hugely successful sports blog The Big Lead, has all but guaranteed that the Indianapolis Colts will miss the 2012 post-season by declaring that he thinks the Colts will make the 2012 post-season.

But if you’re having a glass half-full type … is 10-6 really out of the question for the Colts? Let’s give them losses at Tennessee, at New England, at Detroit and at Houston. If injuries continue to mount for the Steelers, is a Wild Card spot for the Colts really out of the question? The AFC East doesn’t have another team playoff-ready; nor does the AFC West. That leaves Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and yes, the Colts. (Come on, San Diego has no shot, you know that!)

Here I was feeling confident in the Colts making the playoffs. Now, Jason has up and jinxed them.

Joking and McIntyre-inspired jabbing aside, Jason makes a solid argument for Indianapolis making the post-season. While I still place it in the realm of the unlikely, I think fans should expect a post-season run because:

A) The AFC isn't very good overall, and

B) The Colts have talent.

Show me another quarterback in this entire league who has played better in the clutch than Andrew Luck has this season. As Matt Grecco noted earlier this, the defense is getting good at forcing three-and-outs. The issue is health. No Robert Mathis this week against the Jets is a big blow. Dwight Freeney is also still on the mend.

I think the Colts will beat the Jets this Sunday, but going forward Indy must get healthy to make a run.

Of course, if the Colts do make the post-season, I have to give Jason McIntyre credit for calling it. This almost makes me wish Indy misses the playoffs. Almost.

Indianapolis Colts In The Playoffs This Year? It Could Happen- The Big Lead