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The NFL Week In GIFS: Torturing You Slowly With Colts V. Jets GIFS

The Colts v. Jets GIFS produced many memorable plays. Here they are, re-lived as GIFS because, I assume, SB Nation enjoys torturing Colts fans.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

There were pretty much ZERO highlight GIFs for the Colts after Sunday's embarrassing 35-9 loss to the Jets. Yes, our favorite team lost even though the Jets starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, threw the ball for just 82 yards. Here's six of those 82:


Here is Jets corner Antonio Cromartie, who actually did a poor job on Reggie Wayne most of the day, pretty blatantly interfering with Wayne and causing a pick six. The play was indeed flagged and the INT was called back. Wayne caught 5 passes for 87 yards. Cromartie was flagged three times in the game.


Who can forget the Colts coaches completely botching this fake punt:


Another Mark Sanchez touchdown, because we hate you:


Please note that I'm kind of required to post these weekly GIF articles. Personally, I think SB Nation wants to torture me with these images. The executive producer at SBN Studios is a big Packers fan. This must be how he exacts his vengeance.