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Luke Links: The 'Get Well Soon Coach Pagano' Edition

Roundup of Colts-related links, tweets, and other info from around the Internets.

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Joe Robbins - Getty Images

It's all about Chuck Pagano, his diagnosis, and what it means for the Colts...

Addition news and quotes regarding Pagano...

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid:

Just to start this out, I just want to wish our prayers to [Indianapolis Colts Head Coach] Chuck Pagano and the fight that he has ahead of him. If anybody will attack it the way that I know the doctors would want, it’s Chuck. He’s a tough nut, and he’s got a great mindset not only for life but for the game. Our thoughts and prayers here with the Eagles go out to him. We know he’s going to be okay in the long haul here, which is the most important thing.

From players, current and former...