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Browns V. Colts GIFs: A GIFtastic Win For Indianapolis

The Browns v. Colts GIFS produced many memorable plays. Here they are!

Jonathan Daniel

Unlike last week, WE HAVE HIGHLIGHTS!

Yes, it's always good when the Colts offense score touchdowns. Hey, speaking of touchdowns:


OK, now for the ugly GIFS. Here's Little making his great catch in the back of the endzone:


Here's Jerraud Powers getting burnt like toast by rookie Josh Gordon:


And finally, here's the play that probably won the game for the Colts:


Dear Pete Ward, Colts Chief Operating Officer, thank you for opting to leave the Lucas Oil Stadium roof open. It's a decision that probably won the game.

Oh, and Jerraud Powers got smoked on this play, too. He was terrible on Sunday. The Browns clearly targeted him, and it nearly paid off. He's pretty much been terrible all year. he can't let rookies like Gordon beat him that badly. Powers has to start playing better or Greg Manusky needs to introduce the oft-injured corner (who complained earlier this year when media were critical of the Colts secondary) to the bench.

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