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Colts NT Josh Chapman Will Practice Today

It was announced that former Alabama standout and current Colts NT Josh Chapman will begin practicing today for first time.

Joe Robbins

This past Monday, Colts rookie nose tackle Josh Chapman, who has not practiced or played all all since the Colts drafted him out of Alabama in the 5th Round of the 2012 NFL Draft, tweeted this:

Chapman has spent the first seven weeks of the season on the P.U.P. list. The Colts have three weeks to activate Chapman or place him on injured reserve.

The reason Chapman has not practiced or played is due to a knee injury he sustained last year during Alabama's national championship run. The 310 lbs interior lineman played through a ligament tear in his knee.

Today, it was announced that Chapman will begin practicing for first time.

The Colts seem to have very high expectations of Chapman. In one of his numerous "this is why we aren't playing consistently" explanatory tweets to fans, Colts owner Jim Irsay listed Chapman as a key player who has been out.

While it is great that the big guy is practicing, it's important not to get hopes up. Knee injuries are tricky, and playing nose tackle in the SEC is not the same thing as playing it in the man's league. There should also be concern that Chapman could be injury prone, or a "slow healer." If you recall our preseason podcast with Phil B. Wilson of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts expected Chapman back much earlier than Week 8. That he wasn't ready and required a stint on P.U.P. is a concern.

Obviously, we hope Chapman can develop into what he is expected is be. It's just good not to get expectations too crazy at this stage.

Oh, and regardless of how well he plays this year, if at all, the Colts really need to trade and/or sign a quality NT this offseason.