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Pick 6 - Leaderboard For Week 7 And the Week 8 Picks

If you're not a part of Stampede Blue's Pick 6 challenge, what are you waiting for? Compete against Stampede Blue's writers and readers each week for fantasy football glory.

Jonathan Daniel

Well, well, well... It seems that several of you were up to the challenge after all. In all, 27 people competed in Stampede Blue's Pick 6 Challenge (let's get some more this week) and 12 of you had what it takes to beat me.... for one week. I was taking this lightly before... but not now.

The top three performers this week were:

1) hmmwchs06 - 81.8

2) Gunn34 - 78.4

3) JPBarnett - 73.8

What made hmmwchs06's performance the most impressive was that her roster included David Wilson and Greg Olsen - who scored a combined 1.1 points. Thanks to impressive performances by Drew Brees, Randall Cobb, Mason Crosby and Miles Austin she was able to pull out the win.

My team was derailed a bit by the Coby Fleener (who I thought would get a TD last week) and Felix Jones (who wasn't the sleeper I predicted).

The worst team of the week went to broadfi2 who invested $93.50 into Reggie Wayne and Trent Richardson last week - they scored a combined 9.2 points. Ouch.

So... who are the best players for Week 8? I'll get the conversation started by sharing my Week 8 picks:

QB Peyton Manning ($43.50) - I spent some money on Manning this week because I think he and Drew Brees will get into a shootout. I like Manning for 3 or more touchdowns and over 300 yards.

RB Vick Ballard ($0.50) - Did you see him last week? Not going to set the world on fire but a decent back at a killer price. The Titans aren't going to stop a lot of teams from running and I think the Colts build on some success from last week.

WR Demaryius Thomas ($34.75) - If I'm right about Manning this is the guy who will benefit the most. Putting several eggs in one basket here, but high risk equals high reward.

TE Dwayne Allen ($0.50) - Another Colts value pick here. I was burnt on Fleener last time and I'm setting myself up for more of the same. It just seems like Luck trusts Allen more - especially in the red zone.

K Dan Bailey ($4.25) - What can I say? The Cowboys offense has stalled a lot lately causing them to settle for field goals. That shouldn't change this week with the Giants coming to town.

WC Jordy Nelson ($36.00) - Nelson has emerged as Aaron Rodgers favorite target and Rodgers is on fire... so, why not? Chances of him getting in the endzone are pretty darn good.

So, those are my picks this week. Are you up to the challenge? Pick against me and I'll announce more winners next week!

What? You think you can do better? Prove it... Click here to get your team going.