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Stampede Blue Google Hangout: TONIGHT At 6:00 PM ET

For reasons that seem to defy logic and good taste, Stampede Blue's Brad Wells will conduct a Google Hangout tonight at 6:00 PM ET. This means that you scum-sucking things we refer to as "readers" can ask him questions about the Colts, the NFL, and other related topics.

Thomas J. Russo-US PRESSWIRE

Greetings everyone!

Tonight at 6:00 PM ET, (5:00 PM CT, 3:00 PM PT), Stampede Blue will host a LIVE Google Hangout podcast with me, Brad Wells. Consider this like an open chat or live podcast or both. It's yet another way that we at Stampede Blue are looking to provide you, our readers, with information about your favorite team: The Indianapolis Colts.

Until we get a better handle on the technology (web cameras make me nervous), we're just having these hangouts feature me and my SB Nation brothers and sisters. Two weeks ago, we did a Google Hangout with Scott Salmon of Gang Green Nation.

This week, we hope to have Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles on. Jimmy and I are nailing down a time when he can jump in and answer questions about the Titans. For now, you can go here and listen to Matt Grecco as a guest on Jimmy's Music City Miracles Radio Show. Good stuff, as always.

Tonight's Google Hangout will last about an hour. We'll post the player in an update prior to start time. You can ask us questions in the hangout, on Twitter (@stampedeblue), or in the post's comment's section. Talk you you then.

[UPDATE]: Here's the video player. ENJOY!