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NFL Fantasy Football Week 8: Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em - Come Get Ya' Some!

Not only does Stampede Blue's Christopher Price know all there is to know about sports betting and how to make the City of Las Vegas, NV pay his bills, he also can give you the valuable inside scoop on fantasy football

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Fantasy Football – Week 8

QB’s – Start ‘Em!

Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos)Denver Broncos (3-3) QB Peyton Manning (105.0 QB Rating – 1,808 YDS, 4 INT’s, 14 TD’s) is about to become Dr. Manning with the surgical precision in which he’s going to dissect the New Orleans Saints (2-4) 30th-ranked passing defense. Manning has yet to slump below a 300-yard passing game while lofting 11 TD’s and only 1 INT since September 17th when they visited the Atlanta. Ummm, guys… I don’t think his neck’s hurting all that much anymore. Eff!

Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts) – Ok, I take the previous "Eff!" back because the hometown Indianapolis Colts (3-3) have what looks to be a bright future in front of us with QB Andrew Luck (72.3 QB Rating – 1,674 YDS, 7 INT’s, 7 TD’s) getting better and stronger every game – well, maybe not his knee, but you know what I mean. Looking to most definitely start this week’s game against the conference opponent Tennessee Titans (3-4) and that doesn’t bode well for Tennessee’s hole-filled, 27th-ranked secondary (281.4 YPG) who has yet to contain any pass-oriented team they’ve faced to under 34 points! Regardless of Indianapolis’ winless road record, this should be a stat-booster and all-around good game, like most of our conference match-ups seem to be. That being said, I think the Colts get their first road win this Sunday… oh, and I’m also going to try to get a picture with Chris Johnson’s grill in my mouth – wish me Luck!

Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) – As much as I think he’s been a bust this season, San Diego Chargers (3-3) are in a must-win situation (aren’t they all, really?) and have to have QB Philip Rivers (85.3 – QB Rating, 1,492 YDS, 9 INT’s, 10 TD’s) come out of their bye week ready to roll over the Cleveland Browns (1-5) and their 26th-ranked secondary (276.9 YPG). I feel as if Rivers will put the colossal meltdown he had at home, allowing Denver to come out from behind a 23-point deficit, behind him and will start slinging the ball as he’s done so well in years prior. Although it’s looking to be in the mid-40’s on Sunday, I don’t see that or anything the Browns secondary has to throw at the Charger offense being of much help. Chargers and Rivers score big while the Browns… well… remain the Browns. Look at those uniforms for God’s sake! BLEGHHH!

RB’s - Start ‘Em!

Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) Take it from the man who told you to start RB Chris Johnson (110 ATT, 496 YDS, 2 TD’s) last week, as much as I hate to admit it, you’ve got to start the Tennessee Titans (3-4) halfback again this week against a suspect Indianapolis Colts (3-3) defensive front. With the Colts rushing defense currently being ranked 26th in the league, giving up 141.7 yards-per-game on the ground, Johnson could have an absolute field day… again. I know I’m supposed to remain objective, but talk about a call I’m hoping to get completely wrong this week!

Reggie Bush (Miami Dolphins)With New York Jets (3-4) head coach Rex Ryan looking for an apology more than a win, I see a fire being lit under Miami Dolphins’ (3-3) RB Reggie Bush (98 ATT, 434 YDS, 3 TD’s) this week when they travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey. Currently the Jets are 30th in opposing rushing yards, giving up 147.7 yards-per-game on the ground, focusing more on the big plays downfield. New York is going to have to step up their defensive line to keep Bush away from breaking free a few times. In all honesty, the Jets have a hard enough time wrapping backs up for tackles in the first place, leaving Bush available to break away when defenders try to knock his head off his shoulders and miss altogether. As my little sis, Jessi used to snidely say, "See yaaaaaaahhhh!"

Willis McGahee (Denver Broncos)Denver Broncos (3-3) RB Willis McGahee (100 ATT, 432 YDS, 3 TD’s) didn’t have much of an opportunity to put a running game together since his offense was forced to get pass-happy and comeback from a 23-0 halftime deficit in San Diego. But, this isn’t San Diego; it’s the New Orleans Saints (2-4) who are holding strong onto their 30th and 31st-ranked passing and rushing defenses. Although I see QB Peyton Manning (105.0 QB Rating – 1,808 YDS, 4 INT’s, 14 TD’s) being the shining star this week for Denver, looking to absolute shred what little of a defensive secondary the Saints do have, McGahee should be a decent option to both check down to and also hand a few draws and counter plays off when available. McGahee needs a solid game this week to keep any value and I see him getting it.

WR’s – Start ‘Em!

Reggie Wayne (Indianapolis Colts) Indianapolis Colts (3-3) WR Reggie Wayne (47 REC, 666 YDS, 2 TD’s) should have an absolutely insane game against the downright horrid secondary of the Tennessee Titans (3-4). The Titans are currently giving up 281.4 (27th) through the air and have no shutdown secondary player now that Cortland Finnegan chose to head to St. Louis. I’m looking for Reggie to come down with 150+ receiving yards and at least 2 touchdowns on Sunday!

Mike Wallace (Pittsburgh Steelers) – I don’t typically like starting Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3) receivers, but then again, they’re not always facing the dead-last Washington Redskins (3-4) passing secondary who is allowing an atrociously high 328.4 (32ND) passing yards-per-game! What is this, the PAC-12?! Anyway, despite WR Mike Wallace’s (29 REC, 397 YDS, 4 TD’s) shitty haircut (for real, he looks like the Tinman with that cone on his head) and playing the role of the Steelers’ number two wideout to WR Antonio Brown (36 REC, 442 YDS, 1 TD), Wallace has three more touchdowns and gets more looks in the red zone. Start Wallace this week and watch the points tally up.

Eric Decker (Denver Broncos) Denver Broncos (3-3) star WR Demaryius Thomas should be an absolute, definite, without-a-doubt start this week and right behind him should be WR Eric Decker (34 REC, 441 YDS, 3 TD’s). With the way QB Peyton Manning (105.0 QB Rating – 1,808 YDS, 4 INT’s, 14 TD’s) dices up good passing defenses with precision, imagine the numbers he and all of his wide receivers are going to rack up when the New Orleans Saints (2-4) visit Mile High Stadium this Sunday! Start Decker and hopefully (fingers crossed) he doesn’t allow the 36-yard-line to record another solo tackle.

QB’s – Sit ‘Em!

Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles) While dropping 3 of their last 4 games, the Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) are coming fresh off a bye week and playing an undefeated Atlanta Falcons (6-0) team who has just squeaked by some of the league’s defensive bottom-feeders (Carolina, Washington and Oakland) in the previous three weeks. Although I think Philadelphia will be more prepared this week than any other, I don’t see QB Michael Vick (77.7 QB Rating – 1,632 YDS, 8 INT’s, 8 TD’s) having a standout game. The Falcons are currently giving up a solid 223.3 yards-per-game through the air with their great deep-field coverage, making Vick rely more on his feet than his arm – which has gotten him and the Eagles in much trouble this season. The crazy part about this game is that I truly see Atlanta getting their first loss on Sunday, but more so with the legs of both Vick and RB LeSean McCoy (111 ATT, 459 YDS, 1 TD) than anything else. Upset alert, people!

Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) QB Cam Newton (79.3 QB Rating – 1,387 YDS, 6 INT’s, 5 TD’s) takes his Carolina Panthers (1-5) to Chicago’s Soldier Field for one of the absolute toughest defenses he’ll face all season in the Chicago Bears (5-1). With their lack of a running game, Carolina must rely on both the legs and arm of Newton – an arm that hasn’t thrown for over 300 yards since week one of the 2012 season. Don’t look for the Bears’ 1st-ranked rushing defense to make it any easier for Newton to tuck the ball and run when his receivers are blanketed in coverage either. If he decides to, it could be a season-ending mistake with the way Chicago lays the lumber on people, especially QB’s!

Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) – Talk about a dismal and disappointing game for QB Matthew Stafford (78.4 QB Rating – 1,756 YDS, 6 INT’s 5 TD’s) and the Detroit Lions (2-4) in Chicago this past Monday. With the 2nd overall passing offense in the league (307.0 YPG), one would think Stafford would have more than 5 TD’s on the season; but not when a big chunk of their yards come from previous game’s final drives against soft zone coverage and a Hail Mary prayer that lands in WR Nate Burleson’s (out for season) hands for an overtime gift at Tennessee… oh, and a loss – because they decided to go for it on 4th and inches instead of tying the game up with a chip-shot field goal. Regardless, don’t expect Stafford and company to bring any sort of high-octane offense when the Seattle Seahawks (4-3) stingy defense comes to town. Hell, this snooze fest could quite possibly end 3-0, final. YAAAAAWN!!!

RB’s – Sit ‘Em!

Steven Jackson (St. Louis Rams) – Hey, look who it is… our old friend on the Sit ‘Em portion of the list, RB Steven Jackson (101 ATT, 380 YDS, 1 TD). Fact is, Jackson is facing a New England Patriots (5-3) defense who has allowed only two previous running backs to reach the end zone so far this season… Jackson doesn’t get his second rushing TD of the year this week, especially losing more and more time to rookie RB Daryl Richardson (55 ATT, 282 YDS, 0 TD’s), who seems to be the future of this St. Louis Rams (3-4) franchise. Jackson is a terrible option to start this week in the States, let alone Wembley Stadium in London – if you suck here, you’ll probably suck there, too. Just sayin’.

Shonn Greene (New York Jets) – Shonn Greene (124 ATT, 432 YDS, 5 TD’s) had his breakout game for the New York Jets (3-3) two weeks ago when Indianapolis visited MetLife Stadium… that should about sum it up. Ok, ok, maybe not for the season, but at least for this week’s game when the wall-like defensive line of the Miami Dolphins (3-3) comes to town. Miami’s defensive front has averaged giving up only 78.2 yards-per-game (4th) thus far throughout the season and I don’t see sub-par back Shonn Greene doing anything to change it. The Dolphins have only given up two rushing touchdowns, the third-fewest rushing yards and ninth-fewest fantasy points to backs this season. Oh, and also another candidate for worst f’ing name spelling in history. Why stop at two "n’s" – I mean, throw a few more on there since you apparently don’t give a…

Mikel Leshoure (Detroit Lions) – If you happened to be watching, you probably are already aware that a large portion of the Detroit Lions (2-4) loss of momentum last week on Monday Night Football laid heavily on the shoulders of RB Mikel Leshoure (66 ATT, 259 YDS, 1 TD). As Leshoure was handed the ball to punch it in for Detroit’s first score, he coughed up the ball on the 3-yard-line, devastating every Lion in sight. Although his 63 yards on 12 carries looks somewhat appealing, the Lions had faith in neither running back towards the end of the game on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th down from the 3-yard-line – passing each play and failing to convert. If Leshoure couldn’t convert on Chicago’s defense, they will have one hell of a time doing anything against a Seattle Seahawks (4-3) rushing defense who is currently ranked 6th overall, giving up only 85.0 yards-per-game. I’ll probably start Leshoure when he tells his mother she has made poor decisions by obviously spelling his name via a game of Boggle. AKA, never.

WR’s – Sit ‘Em!

DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles) – Again, this game all goes back to the aforementioned Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) not being able to do much through the air this week against a selfish Atlanta Falcons (6-0) secondary (QB Sit ‘Em - Michael Vick). Since the first game of the season, WR DeSean Jackson (29 REC, 465 YDS, 1 TD) has yet to eclipse the 100-yard mark, although being targeted 53 times, but coming in with only 29 of those being completed passes. If there’s one thing the Falcons excel in, it’s their defensive secondary, allowing only four passing touchdowns all season. Go over there and hang out with K Alex Henery or something, DeSean… it’s not like you’re going to be doing anything on the field that makes a difference.

Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) – Carolina Panthers (1-5) WR Steve Smith (28 REC, 471 YDS, 0 TD’s) always has the ability to come up with big plays each and every game. That being said, he has truly yet to convert, not putting up over 100-yards since week two. Not much should change this week at Soldier Field where they are going up against the Chicago Bears (5-1) and their insanely good defense. Look for CB Charles "Peanut" Tillman (27 TACK, 3 FF, 2 INT’s) to be on Smith like stink on… that’s kind of foul… ok, like white on… well, that can be viewed as racist… look, he will just cover him very well in the secondary. Ughhh! I hope all of you "PC people" out there are happy! (P.S. You ruin everything.)

Brandon Lloyd (New England Patriots) – New England Patriots (4-3) WR Brandon Lloyd (35 REC, 407 YDS, 1 TD) has been almost as much as a disappointment as when I found out that Santa Clause wasn’t real. I remember it vividly, "Go ahead, mom… you can tell me the truth - is Santa real?" My mother took a deep breath and softly said, "No, Christopher. Santa is not real." After I got finished kicking the back of her driver’s seat and screaming at the top of my lungs, "WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT?!?!" I calmed down… and now that I’m 30-years-old, I’m almost completely over it… almost. Anyway, that’s how I feel about Lloyd. Even in last week’s game, Lloyd was targeted a total of 8 times and only came down with 1 reception for 6 yards. And, if there’s one thing the St. Louis Rams (3-4) can do right, it is blanket receivers in tight coverage. Remember what I said about if people suck here, they’d probably suck in London, too? Yeah, it still applies.