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Colts V. Titans: Indianapolis' Friday Injury Report Looks Promising

Joe Reitz, Cory Redding, and Donald Brown were just a few names who had FULL participation in practice on Friday. That's a very, very good sign.

Jonathan Daniel

The 2012 Indianapolis Colts have been healthy for roughly one quarter all year. That quarter was during their first game against the Chicago Bears. Since then, players have been dropping like flies. Fortunately, for the most part, the injuries have not been season-ending.

[Runs to nearest tree... knocks... runs back to keyboard]

However, critical contributors like Robert Mathis, Dwight Freeney, Vontae Davis, and Pat Angerer have all found themselves spending time in the training room and missing games due to various ailments.

For the first time since Week One, the Colts might be poised to feature a reasonably full and complete squad of players. In his Friday presser, interim head coach Bruce Arians informed the media that Cory Redding, Joe Reitz, Martin Tevaseu, Winston Justice, and Donald Brown all had FULL participation in practice. Colts owner Jim Irsay also tweeted out the news.

Just to give you a rundown, in case you've been living in a hole since the first quarter of Week One:

  • Freeney has been dealing with an ankle since the Bears game
  • Cory Redding got hurt in the Week 6 beatdown at the hands of the Jets, and has been out since
  • Tevaseu and Brown both got injured in the comeback win against the Packers in Week 5, and have been out since
  • Justice got hurt last week
  • Reitz hasn't played a down this season, recovering from a knee injury he sustained in preseason

The only players listed as OUT were Fili Moala and Darius Bulter. Pat Angerer and Robert Mathis did not practice on Friday either, but they have not been ruled OUT.

[UPDATE]: Mathis did practice Friday. Still a gametime decision as to whether he will play.-- Brad

If Reitz plays this Sunday, it will be the first time the entire starting offensive line has worked together in the regular season. Andrew Luck also was listed on the injury report this week with a knee, but it was described as nothing serious.