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Hurricane Sandy Will Affect NFL Games Today

With strong winds in the forecast today for NFL games across the eastern portion of the U.S., running the football could be a key to victory.

Len Redkoles

As someone who spent part of yesterday at their local store, stocking up on bottled water and flashlight batteries, I can tell you that Hurricane Sandy is very much on my mind.

I went through this song and dance last year when Tropical Storm Irene hit my home in NYC, but this year things are different. Sandy is stronger, less predictable, and it could merge with a cold front swooping down from Canada. Because Sandy is expected to take a sharp "left turn" and slam into the Eastern Seaboard Monday morning somewhere around Delaware, this means that the entire eastern portion of the United States, from Wisconsin all the way to Florida, will be affected.

This also means that all outdoor football games will be windy and rainy, including the Colts v. Titans game today in Nashville.

The increased winds are a precursor to the storm, which is moving north up the Atlantic coast. This means that, for a team likes the Colts, running the football could be the deciding factor. If so, then Sunday's game against the Titans might be THE best time to have the entire starting offensive line healthy for the first time all season. Left guard Joe Reitz, who has not taken a snap all season, practiced this week and is expected to be ready. Runningback Donald Brown, who was out the last two weeks, is also expected to be available.

Last week, the Colts o-line played their best game of the year, protecting Andrew Luck and leading the way for the Colts first 100-plus rushing yard game this season. They will need to duplicate that performance if the Colts are to grab their first road win since December 26, 2010.