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Colts Roster Move: Add Mario Addison To Practice Squad

Colts add Addison to practice squad two days after releasing him.

Patrick McDermott - Getty Images

Such is the life of a "bubble player."

One day, you're part of an active NFL roster. The next, you're cut; jobless and wondering if you will ever play again. The day after that, you're signed back to the same team, only this time on the practice squad.

That's pretty much what happened to utility linebacker Mario Addison, a good player with great versatility. He was released on Monday to make room for offensive lineman A.Q. Shipley on the active roster. Shipley was in the same boat as Addison - active roster, released after Week One, signed to practice squad, and now promoted to active roster. Addison spent one day in the ranks of the unemployed before the Colts signed him to their practice squad.

The reason for all this shifting around? Injuries to offensive center Samson Satele and the return of middle linebacker Pat Angerer. Satele's injury forces the Colts to have Shipley active. With Angerer back, back-ups like Moise Fokou can shift to playing outside backer.

It's kind of amazing. Prior to the start of the season, middle and outside linebacker were considered depth starved. Now, it's the deepest positions on the roster. Angerer's return will likely send Jerrell Freeman to the bench (mistake, mistake, MISTAKE!), giving the Colts Freeman and Fokou as depth.

It will be interesting when Dwight Freeney returns. He is currently playing outside linebacker in the Colts 3-4. This will likely push Jerry Hughes back to the ranks of back-ups because, as even the most ardent Hughes apologists must now admit, he simply isn't any good.